5 Common Myths about System Formwork !!

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Formwork is a type of auxiliary construction in which fresh concrete is poured into temporary or permanent moulds. There are different types of formwork systems available that you can pick based on your construction needs. From Deck Slab formwork system to Modular Wall formwork, one of the best companies offer every type from basic to the advanced.

When there is a discussion about formwork systems, there are many myths. Here in this blog, we will be discussing myths about formwork systems. Let’s dive in:

1. System Formwork is very expensive

Though the initial cost of formwork is high, the usage cost is much less. In short, investment in a formwork system is worth it. It’s vital to remember that a structure’s total budget includes more than simply the initial building costs. If you consider the basic System Formwork, Neoflex H-Beam system, the main component Timber H-Beam is used for more than 60-70 times compared to conventional timber which gets used for 8-10 times. Timber H-Beam is only 3 times costlier than conventional timber and comes with lot of benefits. Even the advanced System – Modular Panel System comes gives high repetition (>200 times) which decreases the cost/use in the long run.

2. Monolithic Aluminium Formwork is the only advanced formwork available

It has become a trend to use Aluminium Formwork everywhere. But it should be noted that Monolithic Aluminium Formwork is only suitable where the structures are typical throughout the floors i.e Residential Construction. Monolithic Aluminium Formwork when used for casting separately is not the right solution as it comes with lot of limitations like Concrete Pressure, Flexibility etc..

Also if you see the structures of Commercial Building, Metro Constructions and others, it requires different solutions for faster, safe and quality work. So for this, there are many Advanced System formwork available like for Verticals – Modular Panel Formwork System and for Slab – Deck Panel System which comes with more concrete pressure and more flexibility allowing faster constructions.

3. Required skilled supervision

Advanced System formwork like Modular Panel System comes pre-fabricated with all the provisions in place. It can be easily arranged without the need of any skilled supervision. People think that there will be extra labor to look after the formwork system, but it is not true. There is no need to hire any professionals or experts when it comes to using formwork systems.

Supervision and inspection are a must in every construction project. However, it is a myth that you need to be a Skilled professional or expert for formwork system supervision.

4. No Indian Company is matching to International StandardsTimes have changed. India has entered into a new era as a Manufacturing global hub. Many Indian Companies are making a mark into various industries. The same is with the Formwork Industry, where Nav Nirman with its rich experience in the Formwork Industry (more than 20 years) is today one of the largest and widest range of Formwork System Manufacturer in India.

Nav Nirman manufactures all types of Systems from basic to the advanced for all type of projects. Major of the components are in house manufactured which gives competitive edge on Pricing and control of the Quality.

5. Lot of precautions required for Handling and MaintainingMany engineers or contractors do not pick an option of formwork system, thinking it would require a lot of precautions for handling and maintaining. However, it is not valid. System formwork are designed and developed considering the highest safety scenario. For example; in Neo Deck Slab System, all components are very safe and easy to install. Even de-shuttering of the system involves very easy and safe process. All the components are given coating (from Paint to GI) for higher durability thus decreasing the dependence on regular maintenances.


You must pick the right and quality products for your construction project to get the best and desired results. One of the things that are a must for every construction project is adopting right kind of System formwork. Every project is different and has unique requirements.

We at Nav Nirman always ensure that clients get the right kind of solution for their projects. Also, we offer the best prices for all the formwork systems. Do not look further, and pick us for your upcoming construction project!