Choosing the right kind of Formwork System for your Project

arogya soudha


The most important factor in selecting the best formwork system is to begin the selection process early in the project’s planning stages. Developing a relationship with a formwork supplier and utilizing their input while drawing up plans can make selecting the best system much more accessible.
You will have to choose between two types of systems:

  1. low-cost systems that require a lot of labour and
  2. high-cost plans that save a lot of work.

That means it may be necessary to consider the cost and availability of labour in your area to stay within your project’s budget.

What exactly is a Formwork?

Formwork is a construction material used to hold the concrete in place after it has been poured before supporting itself. These materials are typically removed once the concrete has hardened sufficiently, though in some cases, they are left in place and become a permanent component of the structure.

What are the best ways to select the right formwork system?

  • The best way to select a formwork system is to start thinking about it during the design phase. It allows you to contact different formwork system providers, obtain rough estimates, and build a relationship with the company of your choice.
  • Formwork suppliers can be helpful during the planning phase because they employ experts who can help you make the best decisions about various systems.
  • Another crucial decision to make early on is the formwork system to use. Traditional formwork was made of wood and was custom built for each project. However, there are a variety of prefabricated and engineered solutions available as well.
  • Wooden formwork systems are typically labour-intensive. But for more straightforward projects, you may be able to build them without even contacting a formwork supplier.
  • Other designs- such as plastic formwork, are modular and reusable, allowing them to be reused for several concrete projects. If you do a lot of simple concrete work, you should consider purchasing a plastic formwork system.
  • · Other fibre-reinforced plastic formwork systems are intended to remain in place following construction to provide additional shear strength. These systems must also be purchased because they cannot be returned to a formwork supplier once the job is completed.
  • It is important that you decide on the project timeline. Manage your tasks accordingly.
  • When selecting a formwork system for your construction project, ensure that you pick the proper structure. Following are the different types of design available:
    1. Slab Formwork
    2. Wall and Column Formwork
    3. Timber H-Beam
    4. Climbing Formwork
    5. Film Face Plywood
    6. Fair Faced Concrete
  • Also, make sure that you have the required machines and enough workforce. With the proper devices, it becomes easy to manage the project.

Additional tip:In general, if your job will take more than ten months, you should consider purchasing your formwork rather than renting it; while this is a financial decision, a supplier can often assist you in making the best choice.

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