Fair Faced Concrete

Modern architecture is unimaginable without fair-faced concrete.

For decades priority was given to the unique load-bearing properties and unequalled cost/performance ratio as a structural building material.

In modern architecture, concrete is increasingly used as a design feature as well as for its mechanical properties.

This means higher specifications for the Exposed finished surfaces.

Fair-faced concrete is a high-quality but individual material that has established itself as a design element in contemporary architecture.

Nav Nirman has the technical expertise to create formwork for even the most challenging fair faced concrete requirements. Our depth of expertise enables us to design and manufacture formwork solutions based on standard components or by custom manufacturing a solution in our factory from technical speciation’s supplied by architects, engineers and designers

At the heart of a solution is nearly always Nav Nirman’s very strong and flexible, Neoflex H-Beam System in which the versatility of the main component Timber H-Beam allows the System to configure almost any requirement — and if special components are necessary, we make them. The result is always a highly cost-effective and practical formwork solution that meets every aspect of technical specification: concrete surface finishes, heights, breadths, slopes or curves are all precisely configured in an efficient and practical way.

The key to a successful fair-faced or architectural concrete project and to achieve a superb finish is to ensure precise planning from beginning to end. All stakeholders are involved in the planning process to ensure that top-quality concrete surface and totally satisfactory result is achieved.


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