Neo Deck System


Neo Deck System is the most Advanced and high performance system used for Flat Slabs with Column Capital.


Neo Deck is Simple, fast and easy to use. Neo Deck System involves HD Prop in the Staging with Drop Head and Neo Deck Aluminium Panels in the Decking which comes fixed with Birch Film Faced Plywood.


  • Neo Deck System can be used for any Slab thickness with combination of different Panel Sizes as : 2400mm x 1200mm; 2400mm x 900mm; 1800mm x 1500mm and more depending upon the slab layout. Panel sizes gets reduced for Column Capital structure.
  •  All the Neo Deck Aluminium Panels are Powder Coated for higher durability and fixed with Birch Film Faced Plywood from Russia Origin.
  • The Uniqueness of the System is the Drop Head – with the strike of the hammer the Head comes down which allows to remove the Neo Deck Aluminium Panels, making Prop remain intact for Re-Propping Purpose.
  • As the Re-propping is integrated in this System, one can easily start removing the Panels from 5th day achieving the Slab cycle time much faster.
  • Neo Deck System comes with both the Option – Drop Head and Fixed Head. With Fixed Head, Cuplock Staging can be easily integrated in this Neo Deck System which enables to save cost.
  • Neo Deck Panel weights 16.00 Kgs/ making it lighter and more easily to handle without the need for Crane. With only 5 workers, the total System can be Assembled and Dismantled.
  • Neo Deck System is designed with all Safety measures which includes providing Vertical Post for Edge Protection.


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