Neoflex System


  • Neotable System is the most efficient and cost economical solution for Flat Slab with Column Capital.


  • This System involves HD Prop in Staging with Fixed Prop Head and Primary & Secondary members as H-20 Beam in Decking fixed with Film Face Plywood. In the Table Formwork System, different Table Sizes are designed as per the Slab layout which are moved to the upper levels without de-shuttering.


  • As there is no involvement of De-shuttering, the Slab cycle time gets reduced and one can achieve as low as 8 days of Slab Cycle time.
  • Less requirement of Manpower as only Movement of Tables is involved which saves on cost and time.
  • The System comes with Hydraulic Trolley for horizontal movement of Table and Lifting Fork for vertical lifting of Table thus making the system simple and seamless movement arrangement.
  • With the use of Formwork H-20 Beam in Decking Portion, the system becomes highly robust and Higher load can be achieved with larger Tables.


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