Neo alumax System

Neo Alumax Formwork System is the most lightweight and durable System for Verticals.


  • Neo Alumax is used for all type of Vertical Structures like Column, Retaining Wall, Core Wall etc.


  • Neo Alumax comes with completely ready to use Aluminium Panels which is to be fixed with Neo Alumax Clamps.
  • Tie Rod and Super Plate is to be fixed in the Provision given in the Neo Alumax Panels. Prop is provided for Alignment purpose.


  • Neo Alumax Panels are completely made out of high-grade Aluminium material fixed with Birch Film Faced Plywood. The Panels are Powder Coated for higher durability.
  • Neo Alumax Panels are designed for Max. Concrete Pressure of 70Kn/m2. So No requirement of Wallers at all in this System.
  • High Labour Productivity due to the use of minimum components like – Neo Alumax Panel, Clamp, Tie Rod & Super plate, Prop.
  • No requirement of Crane as all the Panels is light in weight. Neo Alumax Panels weights 24.00 Kgs/
  • Also comes with Universal Panel option which can adjust the Panel to any size of Column with same Panel.
  • This system also comes with Working Platform arrangement along with Brackets for 2nd lift purpose.


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